The Company


Brazil Chicken Meat is an international company specialised in the production and trading of high-quality products in the food industry. We are currently serving more than 100 countries with our quality brands.

Our Vision

Becoming the reference when it comes to technological solutions applied to the chicken processing, the production of frozen chicken products and the use of natural fibres in that production.

Our Mission


We aim to process and develop exceptional quality frozen chicken both in whole and in parts. Our goal is to offer reliable and professional technical support and advice and to keep growing sustainably as a supplier of foods for human and animal consumption. We strive to be a partner for our customers, by aiming for the highest quality and offering reliable and flexible logistics solutions.


Brazil Chicken Meat has grown from a local poultry slaughterhouse in 1974 to an internationally renowned producer of chicken for the chicken processing industry.

Driven by passion and high quality, Brazil Chicken Meat has built a customer base in over 100 countries. Each year, more than 60,000 tonnes of our products sold outside Brazil. While, in the early days, only a limited number of the by-product packaged for export to Africa, our packaging division now prepares exports of almost all poultry pieces to Europe, the CIS, Africa, and Asia. Brazil Chicken Meat has kept expanding on the strength of this professional approach.

We have leveraged our impeccable reputation for top quality to expand our product range, leading to the creation of Brazil Chicken Meat While operating exclusively in a B2B environment because of our products, we also offer an extensive retail range. A range that is supported by the right marketing makes its way to the consumer through our distribution networks.



Today, Brazil Chicken Meat is still pursuing the same ideology as the values upheld by the group’s forerunners back in 1974. Communication, but mostly listening and working side by side with our customers make us who we are today. Feedback from our customers motivates our innovation efforts. For example, Brazil Chicken Meat is one of the world’s first company to have implemented a fully automatic plastic and metal detection system which is yet another assurance of our product quality.

An essential part of our production focuses on specific HALAL products from raw materials processed separately. Only certified slaughterhouses can become a supplier of our following an inspection. Also, we always work with reputable producers of meat products. Such as beef and poultry. Today, our production and development represent 65% of our turnover. The remainders achieved through our trading and private label range under the Brazil Chicken Meat brand.



Brazil Chicken Meat has set itself the goal of achieving further growth sustainably and ecologically. Thanks to ongoing investments in sustainable production processes, in the future too. We will still be able to supply you, our customers, with a quality product, supported by our usual flexible service. Brazil Chicken Meat is currently building a new production facility which will allow us to boost production to 500 MT/day and also increase our production efficiency.

Our new facility will also include a pilot plant where we can perfect your recipes with state-of-the-art machines. These will allow us to reach much faster and implement innovations on your production floor at a more excellent pace. Cooperation with external partners such as universities, machine manufacturers, and public authorities guarantee. Our lead in an innovation-driven industry. Issues and opportunities brought to the fore through continuous dialogue with all our stakeholders.

Brazil Chicken Meat is also investing in short communication chains. Fast internal communication between all employees. Furthermore, with our stakeholders, can only benefit our customers directly. Ultimately, our ongoing investment in training and our skilled staff. And so this means that we can offer practical solutions. Reduced costs, a lower threshold for error, and flexibility. Last but not least, may we introduce our new company Empro Europe which processes chicken feathers into feather meal. Our unique hydrolyzation process allows us to achieve an unprecedented degree of digestibility. Which paves the way for new applications in aquaculture, cosmetics and animal feed.

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