MDM Chicken Supplier

Product Description

MDM Chicken Supplier

  • Frozen Mechanically Deboned Chicken Meat +/- 2mm – Ref 601
  • A Grade
  • Various Brands

Uniquely, mechanically separated chicken meat is available in several varieties.However, each array is a high-quality product with its characteristics.Furthermore, Brazil Meat Industrie mainly differentiates between the different kinds of mechanically separated chicken meat based on their fat and protein contents. And so, you can choose between various refrigerated and frozen varieties with a fat content of ± 11% and higher.Additionally, the choice is yours! Furthermore, because we use standard recipes, we can produce stable products with a consistent level of quality.Equally, take a look at the diagrams below to get a better idea of what we have to offer.

Moreover, the raw materials we use, for example, chicken with a higher animal welfare concept, also affect the final product.

  • Chemical composition, packaging types, and delivery
  • Fat content: Variable, from ±11% to ±22%
  • Packaging types: Polyblocks, boxes, plastic barrels, plastic bins
  • Protein content: Variable, from ±15% to ±18%
  • Delivery: Frozen and packaged on pallets, refrigerated and wrapped in barrels or containers
  • Colour: Typical for fresh chicken meat, pink-red
  • Detail: Mechanically separated chicken meat is intended for use in heated products

Extra Information

  • Frozen -18°C: Expires 12-18 Months after Production Date
  • Suitable for Human Consumption


  • MDM Chicken Supplier Packing

  •  20kg Cartons
  •  15kg Cratons
  •  10kg cartons


  • Variable Weight
  • Product Description
  • Nett Weight
  • Production Date
  • Expiry Date

Furthermore, Brazil Chicken Meat is also investing in short communication chains. Fast internal communication between all employees. Moreover, with our stakeholders, can only benefit our customers directly. Ultimately, our ongoing investment in training and our skilled staff. And so this means that we can offer practical solutions. Furthermore, reduced costs, a lower threshold for error, and flexibility. Last but not least, may we introduce our new company Empro Europe which processes chicken feathers into feather meal. Additionally, our unique hydrolyzation process allows us to achieve an unprecedented degree of digestibility. Which paves the way for new applications in aquaculture, cosmetics and animal feed. In the first place, Brazil chicken meat is among the best producers of poultry meat. Together with other Brands.

Additionally, Brazil Chicken Meat offers  A or B Grade, Various Brands. Frozen -18°C. Suitable for Human Consumption Packing: +/-10-15-20k Cartons IWP in Bags or Naked & Trussed Variable Weight. We Ship to China and the Middle East from approved Halal factories. Contact Us for more info.

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