fresh halal meat

Product Description

Fresh halal meat

However, our company produces Processed, chicken, and also selling by-products from the processing of these meats. Furthermore, We are sellers of certified Halal, HACCP frozen chicken and we are looking for serious buyers to extend our long-term business. Moreover, we supply FOB / CIF any port without any problem. Our product meets the SGS testing; we can provide kinds of frozen chicken cuts,

1.Frozen Whole chicken
2.Frozen Chicken Feet
3.Frozen chicken Paws
4.Frozen Chicken Wings
5.Frozen chicken Legs
4.Frozen chicken Wings and all other chicken parts.

Extra Information

Specifications Of Frozen Chicken Thigh  / fresh halal meat:

Processed Frozen Halal Chicken Thigh  – Grade A Fresh halal meat

Quality: Grade A
Freezing Process: BQF(Block Quick Frozen)
Shelf Life: 24 months
Product Appearance :
– Clean
– Yellow Skin 0%
– Feathers 0%
– Bad Smell 0%
– Blood 0%
– Black Pad 0%
– Bruise 0%
– Chemical Burns 0%
– Outer Hard Nail Removed
– Ice Content 0.3 %
– Broken Bones Less Than 0.5%
– Moisture Less Than 2%
– No Black Spot

Fresh halal meat


  • +/- 10-15-20kg Cartons
  • Variable Weight
  • Product Description
  • Nett Weight
  • Production Date
  • Expiry Date


However, Brazil Chicken Meat has set itself the goal of achieving further growth sustainably and ecologically. Thanks to ongoing investments in sustainable production processes, in the future too. Equally, our company will still be able to supply you, our customers, with a quality product, supported by our usual flexible service. Uniquely, Brazil Chicken Meat is currently building a new production facility which will allow us to boost production to 500 MT/day and also increase our production efficiency. Additionally, we have more than ten slaughterhouses.

Our new facility will also include a pilot plant where we can perfect your recipes with state-of-the-art machines. These will allow us to reach much faster and implement innovations on your production floor at a more excellent pace. Also, we are in Cooperation with external partners such as universities, machine manufacturers and public authorities guarantee. Our lead in an innovation-driven industry. Moreover, Issues and opportunities brought to the fore through continuous dialogue with all our stakeholders.

Furthermore, Brazil Chicken Meat is also investing in short communication chains. Fast internal communication between all employees. Moreover, with our stakeholders, can only benefit our customers directly. Ultimately, our ongoing investment in training and our skilled staff. And so this means that we can offer practical solutions. Reduced costs, a lower threshold for error, and flexibility. Last but not least, may we introduce our new company Empro Europe which processes chicken feathers into feather meal. Additionally, our unique hydrolyzation process allows us to achieve an unprecedented degree of digestibility. Which paves the way for new applications in aquaculture, cosmetics and animal feed. In the first place, Brazil chicken meat is among the best producers of poultry meat. And so, Together with other Brands.

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